Happy 5th Birthday, Pinterest!

Yes, you heard me right, it’s Pinterest’s birthday today and since it has been my most faithful app, personal beauty stylist, cosplay inspiration, escape from reality, and collection pot for all my favorite things and people now for three years I decided I needed to celebrate it with a birthday blog.🎉
Wait, how do you throw a party for Pinterest?
You usually throw a party with Pinterest…. hmmm let’s see….
Oh I know! We’ll make a cake:

Aww how cute. Okay, now for presents. Hmm that’s a little tougher. Let’s see what do you get for that one who has everything? Oh, I know! How about some best Pin compilations! :

🎉15 of the Best Food Blogs You Should Follow on Pinterest!! Get ready to do some pinning! – http://pinterest.com/pin/419045940297881790/?s=4&m=wordpress

🍦Best Cleaning Tips on Pinterest – http://pinterest.com/pin/451697037599730264/?s=4&m=wordpress

💜 With 50 beauty projects to choose from all in one place, you will never run out of creative ideas- http://pinterest.com/pin/61924563600080607/?s=4&m=wordpress

{And why not give it something to make it prettier?}

💁 How to Make Cute Pinterest Board Covers- http://pinterest.com/pin/173107179401849032/?s=4&m=wordpress

Ah, well that’s finished! Now all I need is a letter to give to all is followers… aha! I know!

Alright so this is the email that I got when I got home today, and then wrote this immediately afterwards because it made me so happy. This is what the co-founder of Pinterest sent out to every member today to celebrate its birthday month so I think it’s the perfect way to close out this post.


Pretty marvelous, huh? Okay now go and party along with Pinterest and pin as many things as you can! Have fun!


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