On the Christmas Eve of Christmas…!

Alright everyone, it is Christmas Eve. Seriously! Tomorrow is Christmas, the day you wait all year for and although I deeply apologize for not making a fancy Christmas blog for the next two days, it’s Christmas! Put down your electronic device and enjoy your family, friends, and all those other crazy people that come with the holidays. And have fun – really have fun! This is my challenge for you: in these next two or three days, live every moment to the fullest. Put aside differences, grudges, and petty arguments. Tell the people you love how you feel about them. Listen to a whole bunch of music. Drink hot chocolate. Go crazy with the presents. Watch Christmas movies. But most importantly, don’t forget the reason for all of it.

Take a look…


Did you see that? The first part of that word? Look again…


That’s right: CHRIST.   A.k.a. Jesus, the Son of the true,living, loving God who created the universe and all of you! The perfect, sinless, holy savior who was sent into the world as a baby boy, by God’s great miracle through the virgin Mary, to save us from our sins and love us with a love so unconditional and miraculous that we can hardly fathom it.

In the past couple of posts, you have seen this nativity story potrayed through the Nativity Movie,  and today, we get to see the end of it, and in my opinion, the greatest part: The Birth of Jesus Christ!

As you watch, think about the miracle being played out in front of you. Jesus was born to save YOU. To love YOU. What you are watching is, millions of years ago, God sending his ONLY SON to earth to do all these things and more for YOU!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel like that’s a pretty good reason to be celebrating!

So let’s celebrate! Do all your fun stuff, open all your presents, hang out with your family, and celebrate this wonderful, monumental, day!
Now, go! Celebrate!
And Merry Christmas! šŸ˜€ ā¤


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